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Alison Jones
New York, USA

Alison Jones began her photographic career in 1985 in Kenya when she started documenting protected areas, wildlife and community development. In 1999 she helped the start-up of Kenya's Mara Conservancy. In 2005 she wrote a Proposed Management Plan for Ethiopia’s NechSar National Park based on the Mara Conservancy. She has photographed ecosystems, conservation management and rural development projects in the US, Canada, sixteen African nations and seven Latin American countries.

After flying as a copilot (with camera!) over 2,000 miles of African waterways and witnessing receding glaciers while climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, Alison founded No Water No Life® in 2007 as a long-term, documentary project. This nonprofit combines the powers of photography and science to raise public awareness of global freshwater issues. Alison documents the values, degradation and management of six case-study watersheds in Africa and North America. No Water No Life® products include an in-depth website, lectures, videos, exhibits, social media and print publications. For her safari participants, she produced a No Water No Life® journal with statistics, her watershed images and sustainable management solutions.

Bestowed with an Honorary Masters Degree in Photography from Brooks Institute, Alison’s fine-art prints, stock images and photo essays are published in numerous books and magazines. Alison’s lecture topics include “Photography as a Tool for Conservation” and “Visual Anthropology.” She has studied conservation, watershed management, forest ecology and global stewardship needs in Columbia University's Conservation Curriculum.

Her frequent trips to Africa are often assignments for nonprofits fighting poverty, disease, and threatened resources and biodiversity. She’s received awards for her community and conservation involvement and No Water No Life images. Alison is a Fellow of The International League of Conservation Photographers and member of the North American Nature Photography Association, Society of Environmental Journalists, Explorers Club and TechnoServe.

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Alison Jones: Photographer of the Month Q&A
May 9, 2011
Alison Jones: Photographer of the Month Q&A
May 9, 2011
Alison Jones
I kept saying, “Where there’s no water, there’s no life.” Thus began a long-term project that...
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Jan 1 ~ Dec 31, 2014
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Raising awareness of the availability, quality and usage of our freshwater resources is Alison’s focus for her No Water No Life ® project that combines the powers of photography and science.
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