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Australia's Great Barrier Reef

Sep 2 ~ Sep 16, 2014
iLCP partners up again with the Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation to assess the health of one of the most unique natural features of this planet, Australia's Great Barrier Reef.
Australia's Great Barrier Reef
Sep 2 ~ Sep 16, 2014
Great Barrier Reef
iLCP partners up again with the Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation to assess the health of one of the most unique natural features of this planet, Australia's Great Barrier Reef.
The Peel: Headwaters of the Wild
Aug 3 ~ Aug 24, 2014
Peel Watershed, Yukon, Canada
The Peel watershed in the northern Yukon is home to the greatest constellation of wild mountain rivers in North America, but mining interests are threatening to fragment and exploit this unbroken landscape.
Energy East
Jun 18 ~ Jul 1, 2014
Eastern Canada
Canada's Energy East pipeline proposal puts communities and ecosystems at risk over a large stretch of territory, all the way from the province of Alberta to the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick.
Demonstration Against the Keystone XL Pipeline
Apr 22 ~ Apr 27, 2014
Washington, D.C.
iLCP joins with ranchers and indigenous leaders to protest against the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.
MAR Fish Refuge Campaign
Apr 1 ~ Jun 10, 2014
Central America
The health of the Meso-American Reef is vital not only because of its ecological and environmental significance, but also because it serves as a support system to several local fishing communities whose...
Chiloé Island
Nov 2 ~ Feb 28, 2014
Chiloé Island, Chile
Although renewable energy resources are a great alternative to reducing the consumption of fossil fuels, they can also have a negative environmental impact if not suitably located. Chiloé Island is rich...
Clearwater Basin
Aug 15 ~ Sep 30, 2013
Clearwater Basin, Idaho
The iLCP is assisting The Wilderness Society in their objective to protect one of the biggest blocks of wilderness quality land in the lower 48 states, known as the Clearwater Basin, in Idaho. We are working...
Danajon Bank
Apr 4 ~ Apr 25, 2013
Danajon Bank, the Philippines
One of only six double-barrier reef formations in the world, Danajon Bank is thought to be an evolutionary point of origin for many marine animals found all over the Pacific Ocean. According to the IUCN’s...
Southwest Oregon
Feb 16 ~ Feb 22, 2013
Southwest Oregon
This campaign is designed to conserve ancient forests in southwestern Oregon by securing a range of conservation designations, from wilderness and wild rivers to restored watersheds and rehabilitated forest...
Gambier Islands, French Polynesia
Jan 14 ~ Jan 28, 2013
Gambier Islands, French Polynesia
iLCP photographer Michele Westmorland joined the crew and scientists of the M/Y Golden Shadow to document a coral reef research expedition in the Gambier Islands of French Polynesia conducted by the Khaled...
Mesoamerican Reef
Apr 15 ~ Jul 1, 2012
The photos and videos from this project will advance a campaign to establish 20% of the Mesoamerican Reef as a “no-take zone” for fishing.
Gunnison TIS
Feb 1 ~ Feb 2, 2012
Gunnison, CO
Dave Showalter teamed up with LightHawk at the Gunnison airport on a photographic mission to better understand the relationship of ranching to BLM and Forest Service lands where cattle graze in summer.
Florida Wildlife Corridor Tripods in the Sky
Jan 17 ~ Apr 10, 2012
Everglades National Park toward Okefenokee National Forest in southern...
Dec 12 ~ Dec 21, 2011
The images gathered on this expedition will be used by AlTo to create awareness of their work to protect habitat, and to highlight the need for creation of a new forest reserve on the slopes of Mt. Tompotika,...
Haida Gwaii TIM
Nov 22 ~ Nov 22, 2011
Haida Gwaii
Fracking TIM
Nov 1 ~ Nov 30, 2011
Marcellus Shale
Using striking photography to visually document the impacts of fracking from an aerial perspective.
Absaroka Front TIM
Aug 20 ~ Aug 30, 2011
Absaroka Beartooth Front, Wyoming
Photographer Dave Showalter joined the GYC, Lighthawk, and theInternational League of Conservation Photographers to document this landscape and support the campaign to protect the Absaroka-Beartooth Front,...
Galapagos: Islands at Risk
Jun 25 ~ Jan 25, 2012
Galapagos Islands
Images by iLCP Fellow Ralph Lee Hopkins are found throughout a new report, “The Quarantine Chain: Establishing an Effective Biosecurity System to Prevent the Introduction of Invasive Species into the...
Great Bear Rainforest TIS
Jun 22 ~ Jun 26, 2011
By conveying the dramatic beauty of the landscapes and the tenacity of the people, this visual communication project will assist the campaign to stop the pipeline project from becoming a reality.
Sage Spirit TIS
Jun 21 ~ Jun 21, 2011
Wyoming and the surrounding Western states bear the burden of developing energy responsibly and leaving some of our natural and Western heritage for future generations.
Belo Monte TIM
Jun 19 ~ Jun 29, 2011
Brazilian Amazon
Fraser River TIS
May 22 ~ Jun 9, 2011
The Fraser River, BC
Mar 5 ~ Mar 19, 2011
Pictures share stories and evoke an emotion. Throughout the expedition we will focus on communicating a human story that is aimed to inspire, and ultimately engage communities in a conservation-based...
Fiji TIM
Nov 21 ~ Nov 21, 2010
Haiti TIM
Oct 2 ~ Oct 10, 2010
The remote slopes of the Massif de la Hotte harbor fifteen amphibian species unique to one small area – this is more than any other location worldwide.
Great Bear Rainforest RAVE
Sep 1 ~ Sep 12, 2010
Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia, Canada
The Great Bear Rainforest and British Columbia’s pristine coast are at risk.
Sacred Headwaters RAVE
Aug 11 ~ Aug 11, 2010
Spatsizi Wilderness, British Columbia, Canada
"In a rugged knot of mountains, in the remote reaches of northern British Columbia, lies a stunningly beautiful valley known to the first nations as the Sacred Headwaters." - Wade Davis
Chesapeake Bay RAVE
Aug 1 ~ Aug 29, 2010
Chesapeake Bay watershed
The Chesapeake Bay RAVE is a collaborative effort to highlight the importance of The Chesapeake Clean Water and Ecosystem Act through photographs, video, and stories from across and its watershed.
Snake River TIM
Jul 1 ~ Jul 27, 2010
Snake River, Idaho
Snake River salmon travel farther and climb higher than any other salmon on earth. Now, dams prevent this migratory feat from happening. This one-of-a-kind story needed to be told with images.
Madagascar TIM
Apr 15 ~ Apr 15, 2010
Working collaboratively with scientists, Keith integrated a visual component to the research and data collection to create a comprehensive portrait and visual narrative of the marine environment including...
Abrolhos TIM
Mar 25 ~ Mar 25, 2010
Abrolhos, Brazil
Tripods in the Mud is one of the many ways in which the iLCP is helping conservation groups secure the visual assets they need to tell their own conservation stories, both of success and struggle.
Baja: Cabo Pulmo Alliance
Feb 3 ~ Feb 3, 2011
Baja California, Cabo Pulmo
What would you do if your home was threatened? ...You'd protect it! Stand up with the communities of Cabo Pulmo.
Patagonia RAVE
Jan 15 ~ Feb 15, 2010
“Of all the places I’ve been in the world—and I haven’t missed many—Patagonia remains right at the top as one of my favorites, but we can’t take this special place for granted, so the establishment...
Flathead RAVE
Jul 5 ~ Jul 15, 2009
Flathead River, British Columbia, Canada
iLCP was joined by world class filmmakers, journalists, and scientists on its mission to give British Columbia's pristine Flathead River valley much-needed media exposure in the face of invasive mining...
Yucatan RAVE
Jun 25 ~ Nov 1, 2010
Borderlands RAVE
Jan 25 ~ Feb 18, 2009
Bioko RAVE
Jul 1 ~ Jul 25, 2008
Photography is a witness to history and the RAVE is the tool that allows us to provide our joint testimony in the court of public opinion. As photojournalists, we are the bearers of that witness.
Wyoming RAVE
Apr 19 ~ Apr 23, 2008
Pinedale, Wy
The iLCP Wyoming Range/Red Desert RAVE was the first RAVE to take place in the United States.
Balandra RAVE
Sep 15 ~ Sep 18, 2007
Supporting citizen action in created a protected area in Balandra
El Triunfo RAVE
Feb 1 ~ Feb 28, 2007
El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve in the Sierra Madre of Chiapas protects one of the last great remaining cloud forests in the hemisphere and is reported to have a greater diversity of tree species than most...